View Full Version : XP SP2 - the real thing!

John Hunt
2004-08-14, 17:45
> >My PC has just downloaded and is in the middle of installing SP2 for XP.
> >I've previously been having no end of problems with running the
> >slimserver.exe program and XP crashing in the RC2 version of the software.
> >I'll be interested to see if the final release helps in any way.
> John - I'm continued to be amazed at you. If you read the news, large
> corporations such as IBM are telling their employees not to install SP2. Why
> do you think that it will "fix" things over RC2, when if you had just been
> running SP1 - which is known good and tested by millions of people for the
> past few years, you wouldn't be having so many problems.
> When on the bleeding edge of technology, expect to get cut.
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