View Full Version : Squeezebox/iTunes interaction

2004-08-14, 17:36
>>> dave.parboo (AT) btopenworld (DOT) com 08/14/04 7:46 PM >>>
>I seem to vaguely recall that there was going to be a
>software release (or perhaps a plug-in) that would be
>able to update certain fields of tracks within iTunes
>(in particular the "Last Played" field) - did I dream this
>while sucking on some weird stuff and listening to "Hole
>in my Shoe", or was it true.
>If it was true are we any closer to getting this feature?
>Many tanks in a dance
>It would also be nice to be able to "Rate" tracks via the
>Squeezebox, but I'll settle for the updating "Last Played"

Heck, I'll settle for information on just exactly what
benefits are realized by using iTunes...I still can't figure
that one out.