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Christopher May
2004-08-14, 14:48
320 kbps, the default...


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curious, what bitrate are you streaming?

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> I had a crazy idea - I would use a PDA (Pocket PC) as a universal
> remote, and program my own interface. Griffin's Total Remote seems to
> fit the bill.
> http://www.griffintechnology.com/griffinmobile/totalremote/
> Then I thought if the PDA is WI-FI, I can use it to control my SlimP3!

> (Why? I hate the phone pad approach to spelling words, I want to build

> a remote skin that has a small keyboard and I'm not limited to IR's
> line of site issues)The PDA works well with the slimserver's handheld
> skin. Everything works as expected.
> Then I kept thinking... Wouldn't it be neat to stream the slimserver's

> music to the PDA, and use it like a walkman/iPod. So I pointed it at
> http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3 and the built in windows media player

> said it could not open that file. So did several other players I
> downloaded. Then I tried GSPlayer 2.06
> http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA032810/ and it works like a charm!
> Kinda... You cannot control the server from GSPLayer, so you just
> point the player at the URL and then go back to the slimserver page
> and stop/play shuffle etc from there. I am having some playback
> issues, some pauses in the music. Not sure if I'm streaming too high a

> bit rate...
> The PDA is an HP iPAQ 5500.
> Has anybody seen an IP based speaker switcher? Maybe I'll have the
> music follow the PDA around the house speakers using bluetooth...
> Christopher May