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Jack Coates
2004-08-14, 07:33
> Jack Coates wrote:
>> Let me second this, as I am (or rather, my wife is) running Linux on
>> this
>> VIA. It's Mandrake 10, and there's no hardware acceleration. No fun. I'm
>> following the unichrome list's efforts to get things working, and
>> they're
>> making some progress, but it's slow going. If you want to watch movies
>> or
>> play games on a mini-ITX, buy an XP license.
> If you're running stuff off IDE DVD drives, you might want to check your
> "hdparm" settings. Most distros are rather conservative when it comes to
> using your IDE drive potentials. Do a "hdparm /dev/hdX", and check the
> "using_dma". You want this set to "1". If it is set to "0", you can forget
> streaming your movies off the drive. Also you might want to enable 32-bit
> support. Check "man hdparm", options -c and -d.
> Niek.

Thanks, but that's not the problem -- and by the way, I use Mandrake which
is not very conservative at all :) The issue is MPEG2 decoding, which is
done in a proprietary chip on these motherboards to offload the anemic
CPU. Linux drivers for the chip are either closed source and outdated and
poor quality, or open source and in progress.

Now back to your regularly scheduled music information....
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