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2010-04-07, 04:10

I had a Boom which I was really happy with so then I bought a radio for the bedroom. My problems have started since then. I will list them all in order as best as I can because they may be related.

1. Boom working fine, Radio working fine.
2. Radio keeps saying "Connecting to NAS" and unpredictably not playing music from library. BUT, working fine playing music from the playlist for the alarm.
3. Updated everything, so currently SSOTS 4.6, Squeeze Center 7.4.2-30215.
4. Radio now coming on every day with the default song at a loud volume and not playing from the playlist as required. I turn the alarm off and then a couple of minutes later the required song plays from the playlist at the correct volume.
5. When I put the Radio on to play music from the library, there is a very long delay, then nothing, then "Connecting to NAS", then it sometimes plays a song that I have not selected, or it does nothing. When I check the diagnostics it says the signal is somewhere between 40% and 55%.
6. All of a sudden as of yesterday nothing is working at all. Neither the Boom or Radio are playing anything. Internet radio worked briefly on the Boom then nothing again. I haven't changed any settings on anything. Boom is totally unresponsive, Radio just seems to be delayed on the menu system and plays nothing at all.
7. Went onto web accessed SqueezeCenter. Took 1 minute on blank page, then another 5 mins for the main page to load. The first time I did this only the Radio showed in the list - menu items took an age to load. The second time only the Boom showed - none of the menu items loaded.

Something seems to be seriously wrong but I have no idea where to begin. I don't think the latest update of SSOTS and SqueezeCenter have helped. Should I downgrade? The Boom was perfect before and the update hasn't solved any of the problems I had with the Radio so perhaps I should go back to how it was before.

Please help!

2010-04-07, 06:53
I'm going to upgrade to 7.5 with the hope that it will fix everything!
I'll keep you posted.

Actually, scratch that. I've been reading too many moans/bugs with 7.5 and I certainly don't need additional problems. Just for an update: Radio played music this morning but not the actual song I wanted - wouldn't let me access the playlist. Boom behaved very well this morning. This pm Radio is not connecting and Boom is just fine.
I'm now thinking that seeing as all my problems occurred after 7.4.2 perhaps I should go back to 7.4.1.
I am assuming that a downgrade consists of uninstall and then install correct version?

2010-04-07, 09:13
It really sounds like your issues are network related. Between 40 and 55% signal strength is pretty low. There might be other interference sources - neighbors wifi, baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens...
Things you can try:
Temporarily connect one of your players wired. If reliability and responsiveness are fixed, then that pretty much nails it to your wireless network.
There are tools to allow you to look at other wifi networks in your area - netstumbler, for example. If there are other networks showing up on the same wifi channel, try changing your network's channel - my understanding is even adjacent channels can interfere, so if possible switch to a channel 3 away from strongest other networks.
May even be able to improve things by simply moving your wireless router a bit - place it higher up, on a shelf or something, or even try adjusting your external antenna (if the router has them).
In addition, some of your issues may be related to running SBS on a NAS... if your server is too underpowered, that would impact the responsiveness in controlling your players, selecting music, even turning on and off.