View Full Version : Tv gui?

2010-04-07, 02:49
http://www.peopleoflava.com/ + http://www.squeezecommander.com/

2010-04-07, 05:50
http://www.peopleoflava.com/ + http://www.squeezecommander.com/

That's absolutely amazing, I want to have such a device! :-)

According to the Specs, SqueezeCommander should run on this TV.

It will not look exactly pretty, because most of the UI will probably be to large.
And the usability is currently optimized for touch screens.

I've plans to create a special iPad^H^H^H^H Android Tablet version, that makes use of the larger screen space. ;-)
This "Tablet version" will also probably fit better for such a large TV screen space.

BTW: I've already tried the current SqueezeCommander version on a larger screen (using Android-x86):