View Full Version : Who needs an iPod!?!?

Christopher May
2004-08-13, 21:28
BTW - the Dliao_Squeezebox.ccf works fine with the Total Remote


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I had a crazy idea - I would use a PDA (Pocket PC) as a universal
remote, and program my own interface. Griffin's Total Remote seems to
fit the bill.

Then I thought if the PDA is WI-FI, I can use it to control my SlimP3!
(Why? I hate the phone pad approach to spelling words, I want to build a
remote skin that has a small keyboard and I'm not limited to IR's line
of site issues)The PDA works well with the slimserver's handheld skin.
Everything works as expected.

Then I kept thinking... Wouldn't it be neat to stream the slimserver's
music to the PDA, and use it like a walkman/iPod. So I pointed it at
http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3 and the built in windows media player
said it could not open that file. So did several other players I
downloaded. Then I tried GSPlayer 2.06
http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA032810/ and it works like a charm!
Kinda... You cannot control the server from GSPLayer, so you just point
the player at the URL and then go back to the slimserver page and
stop/play shuffle etc from there. I am having some playback issues, some
pauses in the music. Not sure if I'm streaming too high a bit rate...

The PDA is an HP iPAQ 5500.

Has anybody seen an IP based speaker switcher? Maybe I'll have the music
follow the PDA around the house speakers using bluetooth...

Christopher May