View Full Version : VU Meter Visualiser and viewing from a distance..

2010-04-06, 15:31
First up....
Nice to see some movement on the Touch!

I've been playing with squeezeplay a bit and getting to know the Touch interface a bit, I like it!

I particularly like the two skin approach to closeup use vs remote use from a distance.

Love the VU meter visualiser too...have a question about it though?
Squeezeplay has the VU meter playing over Track info and teh navigation buttons..

Is it like this only in the "closeup" skin... and when using from a distance (with the bigger font skin) will the VU meters fill up the whole of the display?

the screens great..but its not the biggest to see from a distance?
Especially if theres lots of track info etc EVEN if viewed from a dsitance.


2010-04-06, 15:52
In the distance skin the VU meters themselves are exactly the same size. The text displaying title, artist and album is made larger. The button bar below the meters is removed, and the thin progress bar is moved from above the meters to the area below and made thicker.

2010-04-07, 01:41

Spot on, just what I was after.

2010-04-07, 08:16
That's a bug I should be able to address pretty easily. Someone internally had mentioned that there was a layout problem with the visualizers, but hadn't specified that it was using the remote skin so I hadn't seen the problem until now.

I'll open a bug and assign it to myself. Thanks for the input.