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2004-08-13, 21:03
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>I can't really tell a difference between the two but the Apple
solution is
>very desirable because I can tag and manage the files using iTunes.
>Anyone have any considerations before I go re-ripping a bunch of

I try to stay away from proprietary, closed formats. How old is
and how old is mp3? I realize quality wise I'm comparing apples and
but how many times is Apple going to get bailed out before they finally

go under to stay. I like iTunes, my first computer was an Apple ][,
I got a Mac128, which I upgraded to a Fat Mac, had realized early on
that my
Mac could read audio CDs long before my friends with PCs could do it,
and I
would not even consider putting my 2,500+ CDs into any format promoted

by one particular company (Apple, Windows, etc.) like AAC or WMA.

Rip your music into FLAC. You won't be sorry... I encode them to mp3

so that my car stereo and the portable players I have (no iPods) can
play the music. Plus, listening at work to flac encoded on the fly to

mp3 with 6 or 7 softsqueeze apps hitting my server kills it. Having
files already in mp3 really helps. In addition, if you scan through
changes, look at how many are related to Apple breaking something
in AAC that causes the slim devices team to scramble and fix it, while
flac references are related to improving, not fixing. I know that I'd
be improving and adding features as opposed to backpedaling constantly

having to keep a feature just working without having the time to
improve it.
One more benefit is that any other application I run to distribute
in my house other than a squeezebox or softsqueeze (I know, don't say
will be on linux, and I know that flac and mp3 will always work on
I can't say the same for AAC.

After typing all this, I feel like it really doesn't matter. You are
going to
rip to what you feel most comfortable with. I just figured since I
all this time typing this long-winded response, it should go into the
archives for historical purposes...it's been a late night...