View Full Version : Squeezebox, Slimserver Software & a 100$ Linksys NAS?

Christopher May
2004-08-13, 21:06
Can I use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with my Squeezebox?

The SlimServer software must be running in order to use the Squeezebox.
So if the NAS device in question can have programs installed on it (for
example the LaCie Ethernet Disk, or the Cobalt Qube), then it is
supported. If the NAS device can not have programs installed on it, then
you can still store your music files on a NAS device, but you'll still
need SlimServer running on a computer with access to that device.

looks like the LaCie and Cobalts are the only NAS that are approved, but
if you can hack the box and get to the command prompt you ought to be
able to install software...


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Greetings all,

An article about hacking a Linksys Network Storage Unit
(http://www.tomsnetworking.com/Sections-article85.php) caught my eye
recently because it looks like it would be the perfect host for all of
my MP3's especially if the Slimserver software could be recompiled to
run on it. No more keeping a full machine up, the wife just needs to
make sure there is a green light on the top of the linksys device, and
with it's external USB drive support adding another 200/300 gigs of
tunes is no problem.

Has anyone looked into this yet? Does this seem feasible?