View Full Version : Myriad problems since upgrading to windows 7. Coinicidence or not?

2010-04-05, 23:50
Upgraded to Windows 7 a few days ago and now I have so many problems with my Squeezebox setup it is untrue.

My setup is laptop running squeezebox server, two external harddrives connected, squeezebox in living room and squeezebox radio in bedroom.

First problem I noticed is that my squeezebox started losing connection and then regaining it in the living room. It would stay connected for about a minute, then lose it, then gain it again. This just kept happening and made playing music impossible.

Then my squeezebox server refused to connect to mysqueezebox.com making my squeezebox radio completely redundant.

Can anyone say whether this is likely to be a windows 7 issue or if something else is going on?

2010-04-06, 00:28
Issues aplenty since upgrading to 7. My last incremental scan for instance brought up ZERO artists. Had to do a full scan.
Had a XP setup for years running without a problem.

2010-04-07, 21:44
I can't speak to any of your specific issues; but no problems here with Windows 7 x64. Specifically a fresh install not an upgrade.