View Full Version : iTunes directory question

2004-08-13, 20:33
Brief setup/configuration background...

I do most music management (tags, artwork, etc.) on my Windows
workstation with iTunes. Slimserver is running on a linux server also
running samba. My iTunes directory from the iTunes application running
on the windows machine is pointing to M:\iTunes\iTunes Music\ and this
is the same directory in the Slim server itunes configuration (well,
\\wurlitzer\music\iTunes\iTunes Music\ - same directory). All my music
is in \\wurlitzer\music\ generally in an Artist or Composer folder
structure. The one problem I see is that the iTunes directory is at the
same level as the artist folders. I have my music files in flac,
encoded to mp3. iTunes does not manage the directories automatically, I
do that part manually.

My question (finally):

Should my iTunes music directory pointing to \\wurlitzer\music instead?
I've tried it both ways and don't see any difference either way.

Thanks for the assistance...