View Full Version : TCP telegrams to control Squeezeserver

2010-04-04, 10:24

I've been trying to send tcp telegrams to control my squeezeserver. While it works using Telnet/CLI the same commands would not work on my home automation system, EibPC.


if webbutton(5)== 1 then connecttcp(port,IP); \\
TCPresult=sendtcp(port,IP,$pause 1$,10u08); \\
webdisplay(5,TCPresult,INFO,ACTIVE,GREY) endif

I somehow got the feeling that the string of the command has to be in a particular format. Does anyone know how this is done? Your help is greatly appreciated.



2010-04-04, 12:25
What programming language is that supposed to be in?

2010-04-04, 13:31
That KNX/EIB. Home automation. No Idea about it. But what you are trying to send looks wrong. If you want to send a pause then you need to also send a player id (player mac address) with your command. And you need to send a newline at the end of the string and maybe you want to exit the telnet session afterwards.

Shell equivalent is

echo -e "00:04:20:1f:12:34 pause\nexit\n" | nc 9090

The commandline/telnet reference is on your SBS Server