View Full Version : New Squeezebox Radio pausing radio play but not losing WiFi connection?

2010-04-01, 06:03
Our Squeezebox Radio just arrived yesterday. I was able to set it up with no difficulty; it pushed a firmware upgrade (7.4.2) during setup. We're using this as a stand-alone web radio without Squeezebox Server and connect via our whole house WiFi network.

It works beautifully... for a few songs. Then it just stops. We aren't losing the WiFi signal (icon still white) and, after experimentation, play can be resumed by pressing the "Play" button.

This is most annoying because this was purchased as a bedside radio to run all night long.

Any ideas? Is my configuration wrong or is this a hardware or firmware issue? I did see a few posts in one of the firmware threads alluding to a similar problem, but didn't find resolution.

2010-04-01, 14:12
I started getting this symptom after the 7.4.2 update, too. Best as I can tell, I am getting Rebuffering Failed errors. It can play for 10 minutes or 3 minutes, or 10, and then off, and then I hit the button to "kickstart" it, and it plays for 10 or 3 more. Eventually it stops kicking off.

I am biding my time until the next firmward update, as I am hoping something is discovered and fixed to resolve this.

All I can tell you is, I've had the Radio since January and it wasn't doing this. If it had been doing this from the beginning, I would have thought something was broken. I hope this helps you either be more comfortable your unit is likely not broken, or helps you decide to give up on it and exchange it for something else. I own a Boom, too, and it isn't doing this.

2010-04-01, 17:57
Thanks for the input!

I did a factory reset when I came home and left it running. It's been about 45 minutes now with no pauses.

One thing I did earlier today was increase the buffer to 10 seconds. Our wifi has occasional momentary dropouts, our other devices recover OK but if it was taking longer than the factory 3 second buffer I could see where this might be a problem.

Let's see what happens!

2010-04-03, 05:18

The reset may have done it; either that or the increased buffer time. It's been running continuously for over a day now. It doesn't appear to have paused in this time; if it has, it restarted by itself which is OK by me.

2010-04-03, 07:13
I may have spoken too soon...

It stopped playing, and this time wouldn't restart when I pressed play or even when I tried one of the six presets. I navigated to the favorites menu and was rewarded with a message "Connection timed out: too many open files".


Power off and back on fixed it, but again - huh? The Logitech troubleshooting entry I get when I search the error message is totally inapplicable (I can find no way of accessing buffer fullness display).


Any ideas?

2010-04-07, 05:23
It seems to have fixed itself, either that or the goat I sacrificed did the job. It's been playing all night with no apparent hangs.

The wife mentioned a firmware push last night, hopefully that addresses some of the issues.

2010-04-07, 09:30
Thanks for the input!

Our wifi has occasional momentary dropouts, our other devices recover OK but if it was taking longer than the factory 3 second buffer I could see where this might be a problem.

The fact that your wifi has "occasional momentary dropouts" may be the clue! Network audio streaming devices are less tolerant of network issues than "other devices". Might be worth trying to improve the network reliability. Could be interference from neighboring network? (or microwave or something)? My Boom in the kitchen loses the network when we run the microwave - soon to be fixed by CAT5 wired connection (and a new microwave)

2010-04-07, 21:07
I can't really do much about WiFi reliability - it's leased equipment. I can live with it the way it is.

If it's not robust enough to handle dropouts as well as other devices, it doesn't say much for the architecture...