View Full Version : SLIMP3 popping sound between tracks?

2010-03-31, 13:57
Hello all-

Just recently purchased my second Slimp3 for audio distribution to the back bedroom.

Plugged it in, sync'ed to my server and started listening merrily away. Device seems to be in very good condition, etc.

However, I have a problem: between tracks there is a slight popping sound, a small click or burst of at least one, sometimes two. Almost as if someone is dropping the needle on a turntable. The sound is not as loud as the output and sounds faintly like a amp "popping" on power up, power down. Seems to do it with every track change, though I don't always notice it.

It's not enough to warrant sending it back to the seller, but it is a minor annoyance. Any thoughts?

Cheers! and thanks for your help.

2010-03-31, 14:04
Are these aac m4a files by any chance. Is your server a NAS.

2010-03-31, 14:14
ah, a good question Gary.

No, these are regular MP3 files, some VBR, some CBR, served from a Ubuntu machine in the living room. The same files play fine on my other Slimp3.

What's the root cause of the scenario you're talking about? perhaps it's related...

2010-03-31, 15:37
I had a "pop or click" at start of every song only on AAC files (and only when I was trying to run the SqueezeCenter (not SbS) software on my ReadyNas Duo. Once I ran SbS from windows XP machine, no problems....See these threads: