View Full Version : OT: outdoor speakers

Todd Fields
2004-08-13, 09:31
--- Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net> wrote:

> Bose is pretty much blown away in any segment by any
> serious competitor.

I like some Bose products but they are usually over
priced for what you get. I have a Wave Radio that
sounds great for its size but was way over priced. I
also own Acoustimass speakers that have served me well
for well over 10 years. Back then I could not find
small satellite speaker systems that sounded as good
in the same price range. That's not the case now
though, with the proliferation of the "home theater"
there are now so many more options for those types of
setups today. I will say that I would love to replace
them but I simply can't afford it.

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