View Full Version : No Rhapsody Sound

2010-03-29, 13:46
Hi -- I am registered with Rhapsody and can play music on my couputer without problem. When I access Rhapsody from My Apps (Squeezebox) I get all the menus and the unit attempts to connect ("Buffering .... message) but I get no sound, Album art is there and everything appears normal, but no sound. Pandora works fine, as do all other apps. I know all was well when I was using my Duet, but now no sound with my Classic. Suggestions?


Edit -- A reinstall fo the Rhapsody software fixed the problem.

Edit#2 -- I've lost it again!! What is the problem??

2010-04-03, 18:14
Tech support tried to help, but I was able to fix the problem (I think) without them. I "rebooted" (ie. unplugged) the SB -- all has been fine since then -- we shall see!