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2010-03-29, 01:52
Hi all,

Ive been running SB for a couple of years with great result.

First my collection was on my local PC as was the server. Then I moved my music on a NAS as the collection grew. This has all been running fine.

I run a win7 pc and a Promise NS4300 NAS. A week ago with no apparent change the system stopped finding the music, the scan now takes 2sec with zero result. I can browse to the folder on the NAS with all my PCs 2 win7 and 2 XP, both wired and wifi.

No settings changed at NAS

Any clues


[10-03-29 10:51:32.9912] main::main (184) Starting Squeezebox Server scanner (v7.4.2, r30215, Mon Feb 22 10:11:12 PST 2010) perl 5.010000
[10-03-29 10:51:33.3135] main::main (260) Removing artwork cache...
[10-03-29 10:51:33.3244] Slim::Music::Import::runImporter (567) Starting Slim::Music::MusicFolderScan scan
[10-03-29 10:51:33.4525] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (320) Found 2 files in C:\Musikgenväg
[10-03-29 10:51:33.4545] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (333) Scanning: \\Ns4300\public\Flac_music\Spellistor
[10-03-29 10:51:33.5195] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (333) Scanning: \\Ns4300\public\Flac_music
[10-03-29 10:51:33.5908] Slim::Music::Import::endImporter (701) Completed Slim::Music::MusicFolderScan Scan in 0 seconds.
[10-03-29 10:51:33.6597] Slim::Music::Import::runImporter (567) Starting Slim::Music::PlaylistFolderScan scan
[10-03-29 10:51:33.7088] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (320) Found 1 files in C:\Musikgenväg\Lista
[10-03-29 10:51:33.7111] Slim::Utils::Scanner::scanDirectory (333) Scanning: \\Ns4300\public\Flac_music\Spellistor
[10-03-29 10:51:33.7853] Slim::Music::Import::runScanPostProcessing (430) Starting merge of various artists albums
[10-03-29 10:51:33.8530] Slim::Music::Import::endImporter (701) Completed mergeVariousAlbums Scan in 0 seconds.
[10-03-29 10:51:33.9301] Slim::Music::Import::runScanPostProcessing (438) Starting artwork scan
[10-03-29 10:51:33.9634] Slim::Music::Import::endImporter (701) Completed findArtwork Scan in 0 seconds.
[10-03-29 10:51:33.9742] Slim::Music::Import::runScanPostProcessing (484) Starting Database optimization.
[10-03-29 10:51:37.1096] Slim::Music::Import::endImporter (701) Completed dbOptimize Scan in 3 seconds.

2010-03-30, 01:29
How to improve re-scanning/scanning of library?

It looks like I resolved my issues above by doing a new, clean install (and maybe changing to Avast antivirus as AVG reported Squeezeserver as a theat)

Anyway, it takes about 5-6hours to scan the library (2500 albums in Flac on a NAS) from scratch. Does this corresponds to your experience?
I have set a total rescan every morning at 3 AM to update my collection. I dont feel that a ”search for new music” catches edits I make like correcting tags and artwork properly or misses new additions.
Thats why I to a total rescan.

In comparison, Sonos finds a newly added album in 10-15 minutes, where SBS needs a couple of hours. Thats a shame.