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2004-08-13, 08:56
Bose is pretty much blown away in any segment by any serious competitor.
Unfortunately Bose has convinced the American public that "they know audio"
and as a result people buy Bose stuff on name alone.

When I used to sell audio gear and people would come in asking for Bose I
would just sell it to them. All that happened if I tried to demonstrate how
bad Bose sounded is I would confuse and alienate them.


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--- Eric Gauthier <EGauthier (AT) comcast (DOT) net> wrote:

> I too have the Niles (OS 25's) and I love them. I don't think you
> will find a Niles speaker that fits in the $200/pair budget, but their
> gear is top notch.
> When I bought, I listened to the Bose (I forget the
> model) and the Niles won
> hands down in my opinion.

I got my OS/10's for $180 (admittedly several years
ago.) I too did A/B comparison with what Bose was offerring as outdoor
speaker options at the time. As you said, it wasn't even close.

Bob Fish
2004-08-13, 12:17
I have a set of Acoustimass speakers and they are excellent, Of course they
are 7 years old. The best sounding set of speakers I own are a set of 20
year old Technics 3 way. The big box kind.

Anyone have any opinions on KLH outdoor speakers?

Talking with Todd Fields on 13 Aug 2004 at 9:31 about "RE: [slim] OT: outdoor speakers" we discussed:

> --- Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net> wrote:
> > Bose is pretty much blown away in any segment by any
> > serious competitor.
> I like some Bose products but they are usually over
> priced for what you get. I have a Wave Radio that
> sounds great for its size but was way over priced. I
> also own Acoustimass speakers that have served me well
> for well over 10 years. Back then I could not find
> small satellite speaker systems that sounded as good
> in the same price range. That's not the case now
> though, with the proliferation of the "home theater"
> there are now so many more options for those types of
> setups today. I will say that I would love to replace
> them but I simply can't afford it.
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