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Jack Coates
2004-08-13, 09:32
> Removal of the player might only bring the price point down by about $50.
> Plus all of the up front costs of tooling, design, etc... The real
> deciding
> factor is how many headless squeezeboxen could they realistically sell at
> a
> $149'ish price point.

depends on the price point of that display unit, which I seem to recall
was over $100 retail. To me the real viability question is what people
really want.

Should it be a dirt simple box with no upgrade capability, a la Airport
Express? What about the development costs of a new case and mainboard?

Should it be a Squeezebox with the display unit removed? That's quick and
easy to sell and to upgrade, but how do the get that way? Depends on where
Slim Devices does assembly and ordering and parts storage. At any rate,
I'll betcha the viability of their supplier deals rely on moving a certain
number of displays rather than storing them :)

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2004-08-13, 09:39
I also strongly believe there is a market for "player only" players.

In whole home or commercial settings, the display is not needed for many
players. For instance, in a commercial setting, a restaurant, retail outlet
would start it and forget it. They would probably use the web front end to
create playlists and control the player. They would probably use a hardware
volume control for volume. As for a whole home system, since one would
probably use the players synced with another player, I could see a player
serving an outside space being used without a display or traditional remote.

My two cents.

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Eric Gauthier wrote:
> Given the new display, this may be taboo to talk about, but are there
> any thoughts about a player only Squeezebox?

At the right price, I'd certainly be in the market for one or two of these.