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Stephen R Ward
2004-08-13, 08:04

Now I've got the latest nightly working on XP (v2004-08-13.exe -- even after
a reboot (although I haven't yet dared change the default date formats...
;-)), and the graphical display installed (with which I'm extremely
delighted... :-) on my main SB, I think I've discovered a small quirk in the
latest server or firmware (52) -- which only seems to affect the graphical
one of my pair of SBs.

If I browse by artist, using the remote (which is my usual way of selecting
music)... on the 'old' SB I can hit one of the number keys (after pressing
the right arrow to actually browse...) to scroll my way through the
alphabet: e.g. if I hit 8 (i.e. 'T'), I get 'T.J. Kirk'; and can then use
the down arrow to scroll through 'T.Rex', 'Talking Heads', etc..

However, on the graphical SB, I hit the right arrow, and go immediately to
'ABC' and 'Lexicon of Love' -- and no matter what letter I try to select, or
what arrow key I press, I stay with ABC regardless...! [Admittedly, it is a
_great_ album -- but I have several hundred others I'd like to listen to as
well, without resorting to the 'find' function...!?!!] I've tried this with
all font sizes: and, on the larger ones, it's as if the display is moving
straight to the album, and not just the band....

Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks for your help...!
- $.

Stephen R Ward
<srward (AT) srward (DOT) com>