View Full Version : Phatnoise and Mac

2010-03-26, 05:51
Not directly on the subject I know but has anyone succeeded in getting a car audio system called Phatbox (Phatnoise is the media software) to work with a Mac ?

All my music is stored in FLAC format which Phatbox is happy with, but the Phatnoise software was only aimed at Windows users. Someone has written a 'Phatmac' version which I've downloaded but that only seems to want to work with an ITunes library (and Itunes won't support FLAC).

The only options seem to be to transcode all my FLAC files to something that both ITunes and Phatnoise likes (so between them that basically means MP3) or to run a Windows environment on my Mac (which I really don't wnat to do - migrating to a MAc was all about getting away from that).

I've tried to access a Phatmac forum but as yet haven't succeeded in getting registered and it's not a very active site in any case.

Grrrr - everything I try seems to end in more confusion with the plethora of standards and formats flooding the marketplace - oh for some universality . . . . .