View Full Version : OT: outdoor speakers

Todd Fields
2004-08-13, 07:17
--- Eric Gauthier <EGauthier (AT) comcast (DOT) net> wrote:

> I too have the Niles (OS 25's) and I love them. I
> don't think you will find
> a Niles speaker that fits in the $200/pair budget,
> but their gear is top
> notch.
> When I bought, I listened to the Bose (I forget the
> model) and the Niles won
> hands down in my opinion.

I got my OS/10's for $180 (admittedly several years
ago.) I too did A/B comparison with what Bose was
offerring as outdoor speaker options at the time. As
you said, it wasn't even close.