View Full Version : Shuffle is unreliable/broken?

Ralph Bolton
2004-08-13, 06:07

I'm finding the "shuffle albums" feature a bit non-intuitive, or
otherwise unreliable. Has anyone else seen this? (I'm using Slimserver
5.2.1 and Firmware 29)

If I have shuffle switched off, everything works as you'd expect.
However, if I switch on "shuffle albums", it seems to shuffle by song
occasionally. If I add a bunch of albums to the playlist, it seems to
work correctly. However, starting with an empty playlist, I start
playing one album and press fast forward, it moves on to a random song.
FF again moves to another random song. I'm not sure if this is correct,
but I think it may also move to another track in another album by the
same artist.

Anyone else found this, or am I doing something wrong?

....Ralph Bolton

PS. All in all, the Squeezebox and SlimServer rock. Top stuff, well done
everyone involved! (my only gripe is that the display is incredibly
bright, and doesn't dim much via software. I'm considering a case mod
;-) Pretty minor gripe, I think you'll agree!)

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