View Full Version : pda to use as a remote

Christopher May
2004-08-13, 05:39
I've finally gotten busy enough to want a PDA to help keep my life
organized. Plus with the addition of a home theater system w/SlimP3 of
course, I want to use the PDA as a remote control and would appreciate
any feedback:

My requirements are:

1. to use the PDA's IR with a remote emulator to control all my
components, SlimP3 included.
2. to use the PDA as a web browser, using WI-FI and control the SlimP3
from the servers web page.
3. maybe even stream music to the PDA, kinda like a walkman? Using
4. maybe be able to get online via cell phone technology to check email
while out and about.
5. if 4. is possible, why not use it as a cell phone...
6. oh yeah, maybe have some sort of calendar or something to help
justify this to the wife....


Christopher May