View Full Version : Why Can I Store Some Things as Presets but Not as Favorites?

2010-03-23, 13:57
I'm not sure if I should post this in the Radio forum or here - since I think presets probably work on the Touch, Radio, Boom, and SBC I think I'll hit up the General forum.

Why do Presets behave differently than Favorites in what I can store to them? Specifically with respect to Napster playlists and MP3Tunes playlists.

For instance, I can navigate through the Napster application on the Radio, get to one of my playlists, and hold down the preset button while on that playlist in the list and it gets added to that preset.

However, when I try to do the same thing by storing it to the Favorites, it gets added to the Favorites but errors out when I try to play it.

Known bug?


2010-03-23, 14:24
This may be similar to 7448:

Bug 7448 - Allow adding Rhapsody items to SN favorites