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Eric Gauthier
2004-08-13, 05:25
I too have the Niles (OS 25's) and I love them. I don't think you will find
a Niles speaker that fits in the $200/pair budget, but their gear is top

When I bought, I listened to the Bose (I forget the model) and the Niles won
hands down in my opinion.


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>> Sorry for the off topic... but I know there are some
>audiophiles here.
>> Any recommendation for outdoor speakers?
>> I listened to these in a show room: Polk Atrium 45
>> You never know how they'll sound outside. I don't
>> want to spend more than
>> $200 or so.
>I purchased somw Niles OS/10's a several years ago. I
>love 'em. I don't claim to be an audiophile, however,
>but I think they have very good bass and great sound
>for their size. They are hanging outside and have
>pretty much been exposed to the elements for years now
>and have held up fairly well (there is some paint
>chipping from the grill but it actually came with
>instructions for removing and repainting the grill.)
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