View Full Version : Live Music Archive updating again!

2010-03-22, 14:47
Well, after over a year without updating, I'd lost hope that my squeezeboxes would ever see the new shows being added to the LMA. Yesterday, while poking around, I found some new shows. I looked a little deeper, and sure enough, it looks like regular updates are happening again. I wish it hadn't been broken for so long, but I'm happy that it's finally working again!

2010-05-12, 14:13
I still see the Dead and Further are very out of date.

2010-05-12, 14:33
Yeah, it seems it updated for a bit and then stopped again. I wonder if this will ever work consistently?

2010-08-01, 10:11
I've contacted Logitech support about this and they suggested trying to rally support for:


The developers prioritize the bugs they work based on customer impact (ie. Importance in bugzilla) so the more votes this bug gets the better the shot at getting a proper fix.

Ideally the fix will involve building the LMA content dynamically rather than having to hope for periodic (ie. infrequent) DB updates.