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2010-03-20, 10:04
I'm running various flavours of squeezebox (radio, boom, receiver) and all has been running pretty well using squeezebox server for radio and my local music library. However, recently BBC Radio 2 has started to cut out randomly for anything between 1 and 10 seconds. It then comes back automatically. It doesn't pause, I just lose those seconds of transmission. All other stations, BBC iPlayer and my local music are fine. Tweaking the buffer period in squeezebox server makes no difference. I can only guess there's an issue with the BBC stream. Any ideas, anybody?

2010-03-20, 11:59
Is it a WMA stream or an AAC stream ?

2010-03-20, 12:23
Is it a WMA stream or an AAC stream ?

It's AAC.
Do I have the option of changing it to WMA? If so, how?

2010-03-20, 12:39
As its AAC, I assume you are using the iPlayer plugin. If so go to the server web settings page for the plugin (under settings, advanced) and select "prefer wma"

2010-03-20, 12:42
Hi bpa & triode,
I've now changed the BBC iPlayer setting in Squeezebox Server to "Prefer WMA streams - Enable" and the stream hasn't dropped since I changed it - so it looks as if you've sent me down the correct troubleshooting path.
As you've probably guessed, I'm no expert, but is this because AAC takes more resource to stream?
Many thanks!

2010-03-20, 13:48
AAC requires transcoding by the server for Boom and receiver. There is also some Flash protocol handling done by the server. WMA streams are streamed directly to the player and so place no extra load on the server.

It is possible you had a server load problem or AAC streams are not as reliable in your region or some other issue. Using the "other" formats is usually a good thing to try when there are streaming issues.