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2010-03-19, 07:58
It's highly likely a question like this or this very question has been asked and answered before, so if this forum is like others I've seen, I'm sure my asking will get me pelted with a virtual rotten tomato or two. Still, and I apologize, I just didn't have the heart to scroll through dozens of threads for what is, I hope, a discrete question.

I'm having trouble with some tags. My basic ripping and tag management is done with Media Monkey. As best as I can tell, when I make a change to a file or folder using Media Monkey, and then use the Squeeze server to rescan the library for new or changed music, the changes are reflected on the Squeeze remote.

I've been successful with this a few times, but I have album that I have repeatedly tried to correct the tags for (track listing and artwork), and I have repeatedly rescanned the library, and the corrections are not showing up on the SB remote. Interestingly, in the online Squeeze software, the correct album art and album configuration appears. But it does not appear on the remote.

Any idea why this might be? Any sneaky special tricks I can try to correct it? Many thanks all.

P.S. I should add that it has occurred to me that one thing I can do is simply re-rip the CD. I probably will end up doing that in this case, but I'd much rather have another strategy in case this reoccurs.

2010-03-19, 08:24
Hi, and welcome to the forums. No vitual flying vegitables here - I've suffered the problem that you are experiencing and it can be maddening :-).

I've had things like this occur to me too. First, after you create the tags with Media Monkey, refresh the view in media monkey to read the tags back to ensure that the tags were actually written. If they fialed to write, make sure that the files aren't read-only.

If that doesn't work, you might try something like foobar2000 to remove all of the tags and then have media monkey re-apply them. I have found foobar2k to be the most effective in removing all of the tags.

2010-03-19, 08:31
mp3tag is my tag program of choice. Very powerful. Open the problem files in mp3tag, and right click a file and select "extended tags". This will often show some stray tag fields you didn't know you had (album artist, etc.). You can also tell whether you have more than one type of tag in the file (id3v1 and v2). This is often the problem. A recent thread about a problem turned out to be that a FLAC file also had ID3v2 tags (a no-no). Anyhow, mp3tag (which does a lot more than mp3) is your friend!


2010-03-19, 08:48
I've been successful with this a few times, but I have album that I have repeatedly tried to correct the tags for (track listing and artwork), and I have repeatedly rescanned the library, and the corrections are not showing up on the SB remote. Interestingly, in the online Squeeze software, the correct album art and album configuration appears. But it does not appear on the remote.

If the info is correct in the web interface after a rescan but not on the controller, that suggests a problem with the cache in the controller rather than a problem with the tags generally.

Have you tried a factory reset of the controller (you will need to re-set it up again in full though)?

2010-03-19, 14:36
Thanks for the replies and the warm welcome. I did a complete clear-out of the library and a rescan, and that helped considerably. I also think I figured out a couple of the issues. The first was that I was tagging the CD's prior to ripping. Although in Media Monkey that resulted in the art work appearing on screen, it did not carry over to the SB. Not that surprising now that I think about it, because MM certainly wasn't going to be able to modify the tracks on the disc itself. The second thing is that occasionally I was inadvertently putting the artwork tag into a folder instead of attaching it to the tag itself. That caused all sorts of problems, but now I know better.

Thanks for the recommendation on mp3tag. Looks serious. I will definitely get into that when I really need to get under the hood of a tag and get a little dirty.

Anyhow, lots of work on this still to do. I can only imagine the day I will be able to put my feet up and say my tagging work is done . . . Am currently planning on putting around 3500 CD's into the library. I'm a little more than a third of the way there (but maybe only 1/10 of the way there in terms of tagging).

I have to say, the SB has got to be the best gadget I've ever bought, especially dollar-for-dollar. When it turns on, it says, "Free your music," and that is exactly what it is doing for me. The jazz CD's that were imprisoned in boxes in the closet due to space limitations are being given parole on the SB.

By the way, forgot to mention this, but I am putting almost everything in FLAC, which I take it has different tagging properties from mp3.

2010-03-19, 14:52
Good decision on the FLAC. This way you can rip once, get your tags right, and never look back. Yes, FLAC uses "VORBIS COMMENTS" as its tag. But any good ripper knows how to use the right tag. However, be careful, there are some rippers that seem to add ID3v2 tags to FLAC files. You do NOT want this. And by the way, mp3tag will work with FLAC files as well.

I use dbpoweramp for secure ripping (to FLAC) and basic tagging, mp3tag for cleaning up tags where necessary, and then SB server for feeding files to my various squeezeboxes. I don't recall anyone recommending media monkey as a good secure ripper. The standard choices are usually EAC or dbpoweramp. I'd hate to see you rip and tag 3,500 CDs only to then learn a little more about it and understand that the use of ACCURATERIP and other techniques provide much greater probability of an accurate rip. I know offhand, that EAC, dbpa, and foobar2000 are rippers that can access accuraterip database. You may know all this, but if not read some here:


2010-03-19, 14:55
As you still have a lot of CDs to rip, I'd like to strongly recommend using dBpoweramp for ripping and initial tagging. Depending on your standards, it may even be good enough to do all your tagging at rip time. It uses AccurateRip and secure ripping to be sure that the rip is done right, and it combines multiple metadata sources to do a really good job of tagging. It also downloads album art. It's not free, but I think the "Reference" version is well worth the ~$35, plus the $5/annual fee for the metadata service. You can try it free for 30 days. See www.dbpoweramp.com

2010-03-19, 14:57
Agree that 99% of my tagging needs are actually handled upon rip with dbpa. and I forgot the different sources of metadata as a benefit. This alone is reason to run dbpa!


2010-03-19, 15:38
+1000 on dBPoweramp. With 3500 CDs, you will have a lot of time invested. If you value your time at all, $35 is pocket change. I have found I need to use mp3tag only for music that is already digitzed (and tagged incorrectly).

2010-03-19, 16:10
Another vote for dbpoweramp and mp3 tag. In addition as you are creating a significant investment in your time I would urge you to plan your back up strategy early and use it often. There is plenty of discussion on this in the forum and a variety of strategies What storage approach are you taking - it's a great feeling to have a well tagged and accessible collection - and gut renching to have to repeat. Obviously I speak from my own mistakes here ;-)

2010-03-20, 04:48
Another vote for dbpoweramp and mp3 tag.

+1, both are excellent. Another reason to invest in the professional version of dBpoweramp is that it makes use of multi-core processors (if you have these). With 3500 CDs to rip, this can save a lot of time.