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Christopher Jacob
2004-08-12, 10:27
You know.... This company never ceases to amaze me.... Whish we had more
like it.

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The issue is not being ignored - the problem is acknowledged but I have
not been able to fix it in software. Please contact
support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com - we need to replace your Squeezebox.

Here's everything I know about this bug:

1) it is extremely rare. Looks like about 12 units from our very first
batch built in November-Dec are affected.
2) it appears to be faulty wireless cards causing data corruption when
we access memory
3) it is only *manifested* under the current firmware, it is not a bug
in the firmware itself. There were many changes to low-level hardware
drivers and bus timing between firmware v1x and v2x. Some of this was
due to an OS upgrade to improve performance, and some of it was to lay
the groundwork for the new display interface. One of the things I did
was to accelerate some memory access and bus timing, and this seems to
have revealed problems with a few wireless cards.
4) swapping the wireless card would almost certainly fix it but we
prefer to replace your whole system with a new one that has been fully
tested by us.

Also FWIW: one of the tests we run before shipping each unit includes
several minutes of audio playback through a system which analyzes the
output signal for any glitches, and also tests frequency
response/stability and volume levels. This test would definitely catch
the sort of sounds you're describing and we are NOT seeing any issues
like this today. So that's why we want to swap out your player.



On Aug 12, 2004, at 12:23 AM, Matthew wrote:

> Now I am really cross, IE has just crashed losing my entire original
> message, oh well here goes....
> I am having continuing problems with my Squeezebox which started way
> back with firmware update 23.Trying this update caused my Squeezebox
> to crash and the update fail. The only rectification was to remove the
> wireless card inside and try the update again - success!!!
> However after this event the playback of all music including MP3's is
> punctuated with annoying little pops, cracks and gaps in music
> (probably about 1/8th of a sec). Aftermuch playing around I discovered
> that the solution was to remove the wireless card and hard wire the
> squeezebox straight into the wireless router (defeating the point of
> having it but hey it worked and at the time I had just switched to a
> cable modem which was neatly installed next to my computer so it didn!
> 't matter).
> Interestingly enough with the wireless card inserted and the
> squeezebox hard wired tothe router the same problems where occurring.
> It seems that the physical presence ofthe network card is causing all
> the problems.Now I have moved and due to the logistics of where
> everything is and the size of the house it has become an issue again
> and even after updating to the latest nightly build the same issues
> are occurring.
> I am running with slimserver on a XP2600+ 1Gb Ram, 250 Gb Hard drive,
> Windows XP SP 1 connected to a cable modem running a zonealarms
> firewall.
> The network connection is fine running at 68% and the buffer never
> runs down but the problems still occur.
> I notice that other people (not many) are having a similar problem
> with pops in playback which seem to be widely ignored.
> My WAG is that there is something different about mine and other boxes
> (maybe thewireless card) which caused the firmware update problem and
> is ca! using these artifactproblems. Would a new wireless card work?
> Can anybody help as I am seriously thinking of jacking it in and
> going with a different solution.
> On that note what is the returns policy, the box is 9 months old and
> obviously it has beenopened (on the advice of Slim devices).
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