View Full Version : Please help - Can't see SBS on ReadyNAS

2010-03-16, 06:13
I've been running SBS on a ReadyNAS Pro and everything has run swimmingly...Updated this past weekend to newest version (7.4.3), all seemed fine.

Woke up this morning, and SBS is nowhere to be found. Shows installed Frontview (ReadyNAS software) but hitting setup or going to <ip>:9000 show nothing. Players don't see it either. Obviously, can't listen to music, hence the 'Please help' part...

2010-03-16, 10:58
Has no one seen this happen before? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh :-(

2010-03-16, 11:44
Database cleaning took care of it...why was that removed (In fact, the whole wiki on ReadyNAS installations is gone)?