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Luke Redpath
2010-03-15, 15:30
I'm happy to announce that Squeemote 1.3.4 has been approved for sale and should be available on the App Store shortly. This release contains numerous fixes and improvements.

Here is the change log:

* In response to user feedback, Squeemote has an updated control mechanism; single-tap now plays automatically whilst tap-and-hold presents a contextual menu.
* Improved support for large libraries; Squeemote now downloads album lists in smaller incremental chunks.
* Improved artwork handling; artwork is no longer downloaded whilst the album list is scrolling due to its impact on performance but there is now an option to pre-cache artwork (disabled by default). Scrolling performance in the album view is improved in general.
* Improved caching strategy with the ability to refresh individual lists (including shake to refresh).
* Better notification of download progress when fetching large libraries (animated progress view).
* Dramatically improved music service support, including Napster, Rhapsody and Pandora. Tested with all of the major music services but should work with all. Better handling of display of music service items including information such as artist bios.
* New Music screen moved into its own tab and now honours the server "new music limit" setting rather than only showing the last 50 albums.
* Fixed numerous bugs with initial connection to server; detect if the CLI port is incorrect rather than failing silently and try and detect when the server IP/ports have changed by rescanning for the server.
* More optimal memory usage and handling of low-memory situations.
* Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements.
* New, improved icon!

Squeemote is available on the iTunes App Store:

Luke Redpath
2010-03-15, 15:32
I've tested the music service support in 1.3.4 as extensively as I can given I have limited access to some services; if you're having problems with any music services, please let me know on the Squeemote support site: http://getsatisfaction.com/lukeredpath

2010-03-18, 06:57
You may want to update your web site. The release notes for instance has you releasing updates backwards in history. If you've been able to do this, I'd rather buy your time machine. ;)

Also, you may want to show complete screen shots on the web site - like when you click the cropped images on the main page, zoom to a full (non-rotated) image. The web, the traditional place for virtual software sales, is going to become more and more important to distinguish an iPhone app. The App store is overcrowded and that's not likely to change any time soon.