View Full Version : Playlist Character Formatting Problem?

2004-08-12, 08:41
I'm not sure if this is some kind of bug, simple user stupidity, or a Windows XP problem. I just ripped an album by Sigur Rós, and also added it to an .m3u playlist. If I use Browse by Artist through the web interface or the Squeezebox, it displays correctly, and plays fine. However, if I use Browse by Saved Playlist, the artist name displays as Sigur Rós in both the web and the player. If I try to play a song from here, it says it can't find the file. However, if I open the .m3u file in a text editor, the song paths appear to be formatted correctly, like this:

E:\Music\Sigur Rós\( )\01 Untitled 1.mp3

It's not just this artist, I have other songs with odd characters that exhibit the same behavior. If I use Browse Music Folder, everything is fine. The problem only seems to occur in playlists.

Any ideas?


PS. I am extremely happy with this product. I originally bought a Soundblaster Wireless Music because of its handy remote, but returned it after a couple weeks because it couldn't play music for more than an hour without locking up, and tech support was totally unable to help (they acually told me to return it). The Squeezebox is a vastly superior product in every way, and as soon as I buy a PDA, I'll have the same remote control functionality anyway.