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Ben Gladstone
2004-08-12, 03:52
you genius!

can you add the waddling duck graphic? and link it in to booker t's
"soul limbo" theme tune?

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> Hi,
> I've released a new plugin to get the latest Cricket Test
> Match score &
> place it on the sb display. Its my first attempt at this &
> indeed perl, so
> any help ironing out the creases would be appreciated.
> It available from:
> http://www.wisn.demon.co.uk/TMS.htm
> ps its raining at Old Trafford at the moment!
> regards
> Waldy

2004-08-12, 04:25

Maybe if the displays were available to a UK supplier, might act as an
incentive :)
Let us know how you get on with it with XP, i've only tried it on linux.


Dave Scott
2004-08-12, 05:58

Chalk up success on Slimp3, MAC OSX 10.3.5 --- hmm now if this could be
modified to pull test match scores from


and let you select which live match you want to see :-)


Dave Scott