View Full Version : SqueezeBox Classic: frequent connection timeouts when used with Yacast webradios

2010-03-14, 03:41

Iím experiencing random connection timeouts when trying to connect my SqueezeBox Classic (SB3, firmware 130, SqueezeNetwork mode) to the various Icecast radio streams broadcasted by Yacast.Net.

Approximately 80% of connection attempts end with a "connection timeout" error message displayed on the SqueezeBox itself, while the remaining 20% work without problem: once the connection has been established, it is actually very stable (no disconnection experienced).

The problem has been experienced only with my SqueezeBox; I havenít seen any connection timeout when using a PC-based player, such as Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Since both the PC and the Squeezebox are connected to the same router and since the Squeezebox has been (and still is) perfectly working with all other IceCast/Shoutcast streams, Iím suspecting either a firmware issue with the Squeezebox, or a configuration issue on Yacast side.

Could someone please try to point his/her Squeezebox Classic towards Yacast and tell me what the result is ? (See the URLs to be used in next post.)

Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestion about the root cause.

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2010-03-14, 03:43
Here are a few Yacast URLs for which I'm expericing the connection timeout problem:
(The above are just a few examples, all Yacast URLs are actually affected.)

2010-03-14, 09:28
All four links work for me.

2011-02-27, 02:19
Just for the record, this problem went away after I upgraded my Squeezebox Classic from firmware #130 to firmware #132.