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2010-03-13, 17:49
I'm in a somewhat unusual situation here and am not sure what to do. I have successfully modified and compiled firmware for the Touch with added functionality (Asynchronous USB audio format) which will not be in the official release, I missed the code freeze.

Am I allowed to send this firmware to others that want to use it? I haven't heard yet about anyone distributing non official Logitech firmware. I don't know if there is any precedence on this.

The sources for the the firmware are freely available in SVN so there is no violation of NDA. The code that was modified is released under GPL and is available elsewhere on the net.

Any thoughts or official word?


John S.

2010-03-13, 17:56
It's OK to distribute as far as I know, but your firmware will be missing the closed-source components, such as the wifi driver, AAC/WMA/Rhapsody support, etc.

A better solution is for us to create a branch where you can check in your changes, and we can build real firmware from this that people can try out.

2010-03-13, 18:36
Or to use Erland's patch applet.

2010-03-14, 04:54
OT: John, this is very cool. I'm not in the target-group at this point, but stuff like this makes me reconsider...