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2010-03-13, 07:55

about a week ago I noticed that when I selected "Internet radio->local" I would only get a list of the stations local to the city instead of stations local to the country I live in. I assume that the RadioTime (which as far as I know provides the radio stations listings on logitech squeezeboxes) can now pinpoint my IP more precisely. The problem is that the local stations list only list the stations that RadioTime have registered as being located in "Copenhagen" which is the city I live in. Stations that according to RadioTime are located in named parts of greater Copenhagen aren't included at all (some of those parts of the city are actually much close to where I live than the ity centre), and to access those I have to choose "world->Find a city->Europe->Denmark".... quite annoying.

I fixed it when I'm connected to squeezeserver by doing this:

I installed the RadioTime plugin (I used mysqueezebox.com to do that and activated iton all players) and associated it to a RadioTime account. When setting this account I chose to spell the city I live in in Danish instead of English. By doing this it seems that RadioTime defaults back to displaying stations for the whole country when I select local.
This is great.

However when I play radio through mysqueezebox.com instead of through the squeezeserver on my NAS, the local stations only list stations in "Copenhagen" as described above. This I find quite odd and also I hate inconsistencies. What then really baffles me is that when I use the "remote control" on mysqueezebox.com to control a connected player, the local stations menu looks like it does when the player is connected to squeezeserver.

I hope someone can help me get a consistent experience, but i wonder if I have I have to trash my squeezebox gear and buy Sonos instead to get something that doesn't change all the time and just work.

2010-03-13, 13:03
However when I play radio through mysqueezebox.com instead of through the squeezeserver on my NAS,

If the differences between mysqueezebox.com and Squeezebox Server really bother you, maybe the solution is to not connect to mysqueezebox.com. Ever. This is what I do. Does Sonos have a website that allows you to control the devices?