View Full Version : controlling squeezebox/slimserver from my own app

Harald Walker
2004-08-12, 00:23

> Evan Schumacher <rschumac (AT) ucsd (DOT) edu> wrote:
> I have only had a few minutes to play with this functionality, but I was able to connect to slimserver and get basic information about the player easily (this makes me happy).

It is more than just basic information. If you use the XML interface of
the slimserver you get a lot of information which you can process in
various ways. I wouldn't worry about bandwith. Compared to the music
data, this will hardly be noticed on your network.

> I am wondering if other people have worked on similar projects and if they have any advice.

I just started working on a controler for the dahsboard in the next
MacOS X version 10.4 "Tiger".

BTW, there is also a developer mailing list.