View Full Version : Very slight delay at start of some tracks

2010-03-13, 04:44
I have a small but persistent issue with my SB and wondered if anyone can shed any light.

Occasionally (say every 6 tracks or so) the first teeny tiny bit of a song is clipped off - it's very slight, just enough to miss the first drum beat for example. But now I've tuned into it I'm listening for it and it's getting on my nerves. If I restart the track it will play right from the beginning.

Here's the system info:
It happens with FLAC rather than MP3.
I am running 7.4.1 wirelessly from vortexbox, but recently was using my PC and encountered the same issue.
I am running my SB3 through a DAC(Beresford Caimen).

I have tried fiddling with the audio delay within SB server but it doesn't seem to have had any effect.

I'm assuming it's a wireless issue, or something to do with the DAC processing, or something to do with a cache somewhere along the line (you can probably tell I am not too tech savvy).

Any thoughts?


Phil Leigh
2010-03-13, 04:54
First thing to do is to remove the dac from the chain and see if problem persists...

2010-03-13, 05:27
Cheers Phil. Of course. I shall investigate some more...