View Full Version : Squeezebox controller buggy

2010-03-11, 16:00
For two days my squeezebox controller could not connect to mysqeezebox.com. I could controll my duet perfectly from my computer (web-remote) or my iphone (iPeng), but not from the controller.

I rebooted several times, but it did not connect to my network propperly. No mysqueezebox.com or my local server. Did a factory restore after which it did at least see my local server, but failed on all connection-tests to mysqueezebox.com, suddenly got connection, lost all connections and it froze.

I took out the battery, and after that it suddenly seemed to work fine. I left home, duet turned off, controller in the cradle, dimmed screen. When I got home, the controller was all flakey. Menu's did not respond, and the whole thing was terribly slow. No connection of course, and even the off-button did not respond.
Took out the battery once more, and it now works again like a dream, but for how long?.

It runs 7.4.1 for months now, without any serious trouble uptill now.

Any ideas? I read some posts of this about previous versions of the firmware, but none with a clue about what is really the problem or the solution.

Thanks for reading, Martin