View Full Version : Improved support for classical and opera music insqueezebox

2004-08-11, 21:41
As to the question of the meaning of MP3 tags, the V2 tags such as
composer, performers etc were put there to address the poor capabilities
of V1 tags for classical music. V1 tags also suffer by rarely being long
enough to properly label classical tracks, so I think anything should be
based around assuming the longer, more versatile, tags are present. I
presume formats other than MP3 started with sensible, well defined,

Trying to get around problems with current software by mislabelling
(such as artist <-> composer) seems to me to be going the wrong way
about it. There is no particular reason I can think of why you couldn't
use the proper V2 composer field for the composer, and leave the V1
artist field also with the composer, if that's the way the old software
works best.

There could be options to treat V2 fields one way or the other, either
through specific user choice, or even possibly automatically (if a
common non-standard usage pattern could be identified)

I have no idea how much of this is done in the server and how much, if
any, would need to be in the SB.

> The next issue concerns changes to the Squeezebox interface. Some
> things that would be of interest are new top-level browse sections
> (Composer, Conductor, etc) and possible changes in the format strings
> that control the Squeezebox display.

Currently I arrange things to browse by folder and once I get used to it
I might not change anyway (getting too old).