View Full Version : Can real time computer audio be streamed?

2010-03-11, 14:35
I want to be able to stream the real time audio output of my iMac to my sound system via a Squeezebox 3. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

2010-03-11, 15:32
You can use the WaveInput plugin. There will be an audio delay between what is on the PC and what is on the squeezebox. There is no way to avoid this because the squeezebox needs to buffer the stream from the PC in order to prevent playback issues.


2010-03-11, 15:47
I guess that eliminates that possibility since it is the audio from my PVR (routed through my computer) that I'd be streaming and it needs to be synced to the video. Thanx for the heads up.

2010-03-11, 15:56
There is no WaveInput plugin for iMac - only Windows and Linux.