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Ken Hokugo
2004-08-11, 21:04
This is a very good idea indeed. But, it seems that not so many users are
keen on this. No wonder this genre is severely underserved.

I would like to be able to search by;
1. Composer (by last name)
2. Category (Symphony, Concerto (violin, piano, cello, etc.), Choral, Opera,
Violin solo, Piano solo, Piano sonata, etc.)
3. Performer (may need to have sub-category - conductor, soloist, quartet,
orchestra, etc.)
4. Label

Right now, I only use "Browse music folder". I put music files in 1. Genre
(Classic, Jazz, 80s, etc.), 2. Category (Choral, chamber,
piano/organ/harpsichord, violin/cello, symphony, compilation, etc.), then 3.
Performer (Heifetz, Jascha, or, Pollini, Maurizio, or, Emerson String
Quartet, etc.). Sometimes I put the same CD to multiple categories in case
it is for "Sonata for Piano and Cello" where, for example, I put the same CD
to Richter and Rostropovich.

I hope someone at Slimdevices would think about this. Maybe not.....


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Subject: [slim] Improved support for classical and opera music in squeezebox
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 23:04:37 +0100

Is anyone interested in improving support for classical and opera in the

There are several challenges to properly tagging, organizing and playing
this type of music on a Squeezebox. We might be able to solve some of them.

The first issue is tagging. We can't tackle the problem of incorrect
information in the CDDB and FreeDB databases, but we can at least specify
the tags that Squeezebox should read and act upon.

Here's a simple example of the kind of information that we might want to

LABEL=Deutsche Grammophon
COMPOSER=Gustav Mahler
CONDUCTOR=Herbert von Karajan
ENSEMBLE=Berliner Philharmoniker
PERFORMER=Liza don Getti (soprano)
PERFORMER=Joe Barr (piano)
PART=movement 1. Allegreto
TITLE=Symphony no. 4

The next issue concerns changes to the Squeezebox interface. Some things
that would be of interest are new top-level browse sections (Composer,
Conductor, etc) and possible changes in the format strings that control the
Squeezebox display.

After these issues have been resolved, then coding can begin. :)

So, over to you. Let's hear what you think. How do *you* arrange your
classical music? How would you *like* to organise it? How would you like to
browse it?

All responses to the list please. I've agreed to collate responses and write
up some sort of summary of your thoughts.