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John Hunt
2004-08-11, 15:26
John M Hunt

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> >My PC has just downloaded and is in the middle of installing SP2 for XP.
> >I've previously been having no end of problems with running the
> >slimserver.exe program and XP crashing in the RC2 version of the
> software.
> >I'll be interested to see if the final release helps in any way.
> John - I'm continued to be amazed at you. If you read the news, large
> corporations such as IBM are telling their employees not to install SP2.
> Why
> do you think that it will "fix" things over RC2, when if you had just been
> running SP1 - which is known good and tested by millions of people for the
> past few years, you wouldn't be having so many problems.
> When on the bleeding edge of technology, expect to get cut.

You're quite possibly right but at the end of the day, RC2 was just a beta,
this may improve things or at least with it being out there officially
Microsoft are more likely to fix any issues if a larger number of people
have problems with it. I don't expect it to happen overnight or even after I
reboot, I'm sticking with running slim.exe only until whatever conflict is
causing this problem is fixed. The fact it happens with the squeezebox means
it must be happening with other hardware, sooner or later it'll be tracked
down and fixed.

If you read my email, I just said I'd be interested to see if it fixed
anything, personally I don't think it will, there was a hint of sarcasm in
the original email.