View Full Version : Purchase Touch from ??

2010-03-08, 20:25
The Touch can be purchased (actually, pre-ordered) directly from Logitech or from some online retailers. Crutchfield ships for free and offers lifetime support. Does Logitech offer lifetime support? If they do, does anyone know how the tech support departments of Logitech and Crutchfield compare in terms of time spent waiting on hold for a tech, quality of tech support, etc?


2010-03-08, 20:45
I've never heard of anyone being denied tech support from Logitech, no matter where they've purchases the Squeezebox. From the support experiences reported in the forums, you someitimes have to go through several people at Logitech before you find one that has a clue, so I can't imagine Crutchfield support for the Squeezebox being worth much. Buy it from the cheapest source you can find.