View Full Version : Clock only when SqueezeBox Classic is off

2010-03-08, 16:05

this is a silly question, but I have looked around and I can't find an answer... I used to have only the time showing when I turned off the device (big numbers). I don't know what I did today and now I get the date in one line and the time in another line... I've searched everywere and I can't find out how I get this to show that way, I only can find an option for "Screensaver when off > Date and time"... but not only time.

Is there some way I can get it to look like it used to?-...

Thanks in advance!

2010-03-08, 16:17
While the SB3/Classic is "off", use the Size button on the IR remote to cycle through the different sizes.

2010-03-08, 16:20
There is a size button on the ir remote

Edit: late as ever :)

2010-03-08, 16:23
Thanks guys!!

I don't even know how I did it the first time... now it looks like it used to :-D