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2004-08-11, 14:52
Ill have to try this at a a later date (when I next upgrade the server ) as
it has no sound card installed or X (so I could do it in stages), then I
would have to find a way of playing ram files through squeeze...hmmm
problems problems

If anyone has an easy soloution please say, dab is not an option as local
radio does not transmit on that yet (from what I can see)

Why cant the bbc just stream properly.


Dean Jackson

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In theory you should be able to listen to this using AlienBBC.
You can certainly navigate to the link to play the stream
for 3 counties radio, but trying to play it for me just
locks the server.

The actual URL turns out to be:

I can access this correctly in RealPlayer under Windows,
but when I try to access it in Alienstream it fails to open
the stream.

I don't have much expertise to try to understand why Alienstream
isn't working, maybe Jules or Peter will have some ideas to try.

I have AlienBBC running on a RedHat 9 server, but I'm not quite
sure what I did to get it running properly. It involved being
lucky enough to track down all the right packages to get xine
installed properly. If you want to go down this route then I
can try to help, but it could be a little like the blind
leading the blind....

g7pkf wrote:
> I enjoy listening to BBC radio (yes i know) what is the best way of
listening to
> the following stream on slim?--if it's possible
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/localradio.shtml?threecounties
> Never tried to listen to radio stations on it before so a step guide would
> appreciated.
> the server is 5.2 on red-hat 9.0--its actually a clark connect box (with
> installed)