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2010-03-08, 05:59
Hi all,

I'm starting to get a little frustrated with one area of my squeezebox experience. SS is installed on a QNAP 119-TS, running the latest versions of SSOTS and SS. Everything works great - my players are responsive and almost everything seems to work as expected.

My issue is with the time taken to play an iTunes playlist - it seems to be very long. I'm talking about a gap of about 20 to 25 seconds, between me selecting play on the playlist, and it starting playing. Once its playing then changing tracks and working with the player is instantaneous.

I want to try and find the root cause of the issue, do you have any ideas or experiences you can share, or is this normal?

Any ideas appreciated,

2010-03-09, 06:04
So I guess its just me with this issue? Is no-one else experiencing any time delay when they try and play an iTunes playlist?


2010-03-09, 06:24
Are these normal playlists or smart playlists? If they are normal then why not convert them to .m3u's and use them natively within SBS? That might get around the issue.



2010-03-09, 06:37
Hi CW,

They're smart playlists - I hadn't even considered that might be the issue. Ideally - I would prefer to keep them as smart playlists becuase I use them with my itunes and ipod, allowing me to update the playlists as I add new music or change ratings etc.

I'll create some static playlists and see if they suffer from the same problem.

Cheers - Chris

2010-03-09, 06:49
I use a lot of smart playlists in iTunes and could never get them to work well with SBS. One way around the problem (ie what I do) is recreate the smart playlists using Erland's plug-ins. Have a look at CustomScan (which will import ratings and play counts from iTunes into SBS), then SQLPlaylist and DynamicPlaylists to recreate Smart Playlists. There is wiki information on how to do this but if you have any questions just shout and I'll try to help. It takes a while to configure, but once it's done then it's as good as iTunes IMHO.