View Full Version : System Preferences launches itself and brings up Squeezebox Server

2010-03-07, 16:48
OS X 10.6.2

Recently System Preferences started to launch itself and switch to Squeezebox Server. I was running 7.4.1 and I thought this might be a cry for help, or a cry for an update, so I installed 7.4.2 but it still happens. This didn't used to happen, what's the dealio?

2010-03-07, 23:52
What version/revision string do you get bottom right of the pref pane?

It indeed should only be opened automatically when an update is ready.

2010-03-09, 21:57
Version 7.4.2 / r30215

2010-03-09, 22:59
Please set logging for server.update to debug (Settings/Advanced/Logging), then upload the server.log file next time this happens.